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The Old Ways, Memory and Peace

In this forgotten corner I paused. To reflect once more on memory. Of place. My fingers stroked the grass that caressed my legs. My eyes passed over swaying fields of barley. A green sea on land. I wondered who had last walked along this old way. A...

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Loch Lomond | Sunrise

Dawn was breaking as we reached the fringes of Loch Lomond. Unusually it was bright, colourful and calm. Swerving off the road and a wander down to the shore. This time the drive by glimpses of light and location paid off. The water was bathed in ripples of orange.

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Lake District | The jaws of Borrowdale

Standing at the top of Shepherds Crag, the wind gained in strength and cold. It had been zero degrees below. I guessed it was -5 now. My mind was struggling with the composition, just as my body was failing to deal with the climate.

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