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Frosty morning chaos

I’ve been driving past this copse for quite a while now. Sometimes twice a day. The impression of something worth photographing has been slowly tickling away at the back of my mind. Parts of the country have been bathed in snow and ice. Sadly most of it seems to have passed us by here in the South East and I have had to “content” myself with the snow filled photographs of friends.


Cloud Bank, Isle of Skye

This image was made on pure impulse – I had seen the curious low level cloud along the horizon and thought I should stop to have a more considered view. There really was no one around as I watched the clouds trundling along and as I so often do I waited. Curious to see what would happen. Wondering if Skye would weave its magic.


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“Given we all now have digital cameras/iphones/whatever it’s all to easy to then forget how amazing and incredible it can be to see the heart of your family captured by a truly gifted photographer.”

He made the shoot a complete pleasure – the kids all loved him and he was patient, fun and entertained them above and beyond the call of duty! Every family should have some Guy photos in their lives – thank you!” ~ Pamela