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Hi – thanks for stopping by and taking the time to look through my site! I’m a husband, father, photographer and fundraiser.

I suppose at heart I am a storyteller. I failed miserably with drawing and painting. Photography on the other hand allows me to express myself in a creative way. Most of all I love creating images, watching the light and seeing shapes and form everywhere I go

I have had a long interest in creating images – my first camera, that I can remember, was a Kodak Disc camera that my parents bought me when I was about 7 years old. Strangely I still have it – though like film in general these days, you can’t buy the cartridges any more! About 7  years ago I met Joe Cornish, in what was to become, for me, a pivotal moment. I had just bought my first Digital SLR (a Canon D60) and for some unknown reason I decide to go on a weekend course at Ravenscar, on the North East coast of the UK. I only had the briefest knowledge of Joe but I knew that I had a passion for the landscape.What was most intriguing about that meeting was the camera he uses. Photographers, much like anyone who has an enjoyment in life, love ‘gear’ and the Ebony 5×4 wooden filed camera he was using was something else. It seemed so old fashioned but just looking at the ground-glass screen, gave such greater homage to the landscape that an image was being taken of. Needless to say I moved straight from Digital to Large Format for my landscape work and most of the images on this site use this format.

I wanted to carry on ‘taking pictures’ when I didn’t have time to trek out into the landscape. I started to take the pictures at The MoonWalk a wonderful challenge run by Walk the Walk that raise money for breast cancer causes. Being in the centre of 17,000 women all revved up to take part in a marathon, quickly teaches you the skills you need to create whilst under pressure. Moving into weddings seemed like a natural process and whilst some photographers actively avoid weddings, I thoroughly enjoy them (you can read more about my wedding work here!)I hope you enjoy this site and please feel free to drop me a line!

And if you are a photographer, here’s what gear I use

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