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Sunday musing on being a dad

It’s a funny thing being a father to a little girl. I look at some of my friends who have boys and I think about missing out on the extreme rough and tumble. Ballet lessons instead of rugby. The tears come a little more often. And I’m not totally sure I can cope with choosing…


Ullapool: Day 7

So my last day in the wonderful wilderness of Inverpolly. I have mixed feelings. It’s been great to spend time with like minded photographers such as Helen Bartlett, Tom Catchesides and Rob Cook (it’s a solitary thing usually,) And as usual when traveling with David Ward I have learnt a bit more. My current relationship…


Ulapool: Day 6

My trip is drawing to an end. The weather has fought against us every single step of the way. Typically Scotland I know but…oh and the ticks have been out in force. A rain shower over night led to a new front coming in early on in the morning and the first breaking clouds of…


Ullapool: Day 4

  The weather has finally changed. We’ve moved from the unseasonable blue skies and hot sun to a more Scottish standard of grey – hurray! Though as has been pointed out by residents that’s not so good news. Dawn was damp squib – it never happened. Still you have to get out there and try;…


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