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Ullapool: Day 2

Fine weather sucks. Well for photography it does. Blue skies, bright sun – fine if you’re on holiday, but not if you are trying to create images. And the whole of 5×4 debate continues. It’s a crisis of confidence I think so I’m working on overcoming it. Slowly though. More with the iPhone We came…


Playing with light

Richard and I had been asked to put together some ideas for a marketing campaign and while the brief was loose it was a fantastic opportunity to have some fun with lights! Rich is not the easiest to extract a smile from but we think it suits him And you can find more of what…


"square" eyes

I’ve always been fascinated with those who can creatively use the square format when creating images. 6×6 and famously used by all Hasselblad photographers. My sudden interest in squares has been piqued by the wonderful iphone app Instagram, some of the images I shoot  can be found here. So my muse was in place (it…


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