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The Gang – 1 Year On

So for my birthday, Nina laid on a “surprise” party (I cooked!) and invited the gang around to play for breakfast…staggering to see all the little people growing up. First image is now and the bottom one is a year before; mind you still no easier to photograph though my lighting skills are improving…! Kudos to those who photograph kids for a living!



The Jurassic Coast as it is known is a feast of photographic delights: limestone cliffs, slate and most importantly it faces both the rising and setting sun during November to early February. This combined with fair (’ish!) weather and it has all the makings of a truly remarkable location This gallery is best viewed if…


The North East

The North East and Yorkshire is where my landscape photography all started. It still holds a unique place in my vision and it is one of those environments where visiting it time after time means that you can, hopefully, make use of whatever light there happens to be This gallery is best viewed if you…



Having grown up in Somerset I have to say that I have never really explored its photographic potential. However these images from Clevedon Pier do highligh some of the opportunites. The first set of images were taken with a Holga -for  a different point of view. The last was taken with a large format camera…



Of all the places I have been to, Scotland remains the most evocative of them all. The landscape is vast, rugged and uncompromising. Much like the weather! But it is this spectacular combination that makes it my favourite location – no place is ever the same twice in a row. This gallery is best viewed…


On holiday

A long holiday in the USA visiting wonderful friends and a cruise on Nina’s ship…to Columbia, Panama, Costa Rico, Grand Caymen and Mexico…not that the weather would have you believe it! I’ll admit that we didn’t move far off the ship but the Panama Canal was amazing! Oh and she learnt to walk!! The pictures…


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