Landscape photography is a relentless mistress

Question: stay in bed or get up at 4am on a cold, wet morning? Answer: You’d be quite right! Except that those who enjoy landscape photography take another view. They wrestle with their conscious as they think about the light they will be missing. And that is usually enough to get them outside!I could, rather poetically, write about what drives me to create but I think that for now I’d rather say that I do it because I enjoy it.

Witnessing the day as it starts or ends, with no one else around, in the middle of vast open spaces has got to be one of the most incredible experiences to have. How many people never see sunrise or are looking elsewhere at sunset? There’s something about just being there that talks to the essence of who I am. I hope you enjoy the images, I know that I had a lot of pleasure (and frustration) in creating them!


Glen Coe

Glen Etive

Glen Lyon



Isle of Skye

Outer Hebrides

The South