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I go everywhere with a camera. I can’t help it. I have three on my desk as I write this. My family and friends put up with me clicking away with wry amusement. I’m the one that always takes the pictures at a party. The one always behind it. I can’t help it. There are so many images that just beg to be captured. You have to truly love photography to “get” it. It’s my nirvana

I love looking at light. How it shapes. Accentuates. Sharpens or softens. Wondering how I could use it. Where should I sit, lie or stand. Caressing an image into shape. Waiting for that moment. Anticipating. Holding my breath. And then it’s gone. A capture of a sliver of time. That’s how I work. There is nothing more satisfying than to read the notes from my clients. Or photographs of my photographs on customers walls. It makes me smile inside.




recent work

Last Light, Yorkshire

Last Light, Yorkshire

The first chill of autumn brushed across my face. A breath of Yorkshire air. Grasses danced before my eyes. The Moor a sea of never ending purple. The last light of a glorious day.

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Maidenhead Family Portraits – Neil, Julie and Gang

ZAP! POW! BIFF! That’s what it was like visiting this amazingly rambunctious household today. Mad mad energy of 3 kids…2 boys!! Taking photographs whilst being climbed on, tickled, pulled and generally used as a climbing frame. I wouldn’t have it any other way…

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Sage and Friends at Frensham Ponds

It began a while ago. The planning and plotting: Sage’s 2015 Calendar. Its an amazingly wonderful idea started a few years back by Aly and all in the name of raising money for charity. We had locations in mind, the make-up artist was hired (I need all the help I can get,) clothing was made (!) and the weather was booked (British.)

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Autumns soft beginnings

Finally it’s that time of year as autumn ever so gently makes its presence felt. Colder, crisper mornings and the landscape caressed with early morning mist.

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