Latest Work

Cloud Bank, Isle of Skye

This image was made on pure impulse – I had seen the curious low level cloud along the horizon and thought I should stop to have a more considered view. There really was no one around as I watched the clouds trundling along and as I so often do I waited. Curious to see what would happen. Wondering if Skye would weave its magic.

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Winter Storm Light, Glen Coe

This location in Glen Coe is well known as the A82 trundles through the Glen. There is often interesting light here and I had everything crossed that something would be happening!

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Neist Point, Isle of Skye

This image of Neist Point taken at the end of a day that had started with sunrise over the Trotternish Ridge. Chasing the light all the way to sunset across one side of the Isle of Skye to other, had been exhilarating.

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