Latest Work

Neist Point, Isle of Skye

This image of Neist Point taken at the end of a day that had started with sunrise over the Trotternish Ridge. Chasing the light all the way to sunset across one side of the Isle of Skye to other, had been exhilarating.

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Sage and Friends Calendar 2015 – Labrador Lifeline Trust

The fabulous calendars, available in both compact desktop and stunning wall hanging, will feature these beautiful images. I chose to make the photographs real – to reflect the animals we all know and love. I hope that you can see your woof in what these energetic, crazy, posing and stunning creatures are getting up to.

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Maidenhead Family Portraits – Neil, Julie and Gang

ZAP! POW! BIFF! That’s what it was like visiting this amazingly rambunctious household today. Mad mad energy of 3 kids…2 boys!! Taking photographs whilst being climbed on, tickled, pulled and generally used as a climbing frame. I wouldn’t have it any other way…

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