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I go everywhere with a camera. I can’t help it. I have three on my desk as I write this. My family and friends put up with me clicking away with wry amusement. I’m the one that always takes the pictures at a party. The one always behind it. I can’t help it. There are so many images that just beg to be captured. You have to truly love photography to “get” it. It’s my nirvana

I love looking at light. How it shapes. Accentuates. Sharpens or softens. Wondering how I could use it. Where should I sit, lie or stand. Caressing an image into shape. Waiting for that moment. Anticipating. Holding my breath. And then it’s gone. A capture of a sliver of time. That’s how I work. There is nothing more satisfying than to read the notes from my clients. Or photographs of my photographs on customers walls. It makes me smile inside.




recent work

Lee Bay, Devon

Lee Bay, Devon

Alone on the beach. Dawn. Mesmeric lapping of waves. Cries of seagulls overhead. No overwhelming colours in the sky. It’s not that I dislike pink hues. I prefer this. The soft awakening of another day

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The MoonWalk Iceland 2015

The MoonWalk Iceland never fails to amaze me. The trip is short at just 5 days long. The days are packed to the brim. Whales, volcano’s, lava fields and of course a marathon. Iceland is known for its extremes of weather. This year did not disappoint.

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The MoonWalk Scotland 2015

Mad Hatters mingled with White Rabbits, Cheshire Cats and Pink Flamingos in Edinburgh this weekend to celebrate a decade of incredible fundraising at The MoonWalk Scotland!

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The MoonWalk London 2015

Stars sparkled at The MoonWalk London, as 15,000 women and men Power Walked through the Capital City at Midnight in decorated bras, raising money and awareness for breast cancer.

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