Loch Lomond | Sunrise

I have driven past this Loch many times, though never in such conditions.

Sunrise, Loch Lomond
Pentax 645z FA45-80 1sec @F11 ISO100

Having overnighted in the Lake District, I was up at frighteninglyearlyoclock. We passed through a fluorescent Glasgow listening to the strains of Jean-Michel Jarres’ Oxygene. Coffee. More coffee. Dawn was breaking as we reached the fringes of Loch Lomond. nd.

Unusually it was bright, colourful and calm. Swerving off the road and a wander down to the shore. This time the drive by glimpses of light and location paid off. The water was bathed in ripples of orange. Breaks in the traffic and the noise ceased.

Utterly tranquil


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The M6 wasn’t quite so lovely at the time 🙂

Lovely, and brings back great memories of a very fine morning





  • Wonderful weather out on my walk today #ridgeway #landscape #sonyrx100m3
  • Soaked through to the skin as the rain came down in buckets. Watching the light bounce around the valley below me. The roar of Moss Force to my right. The wind so strong that the waterfall was being blown back over the edge of the hill. Wonderful!
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#lakedistrict #landscape #pentax645z


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