2005 and I was in India on my honeymoon (well second to be honest…but hey I’m greedy.) We were travelling from Ooty on the Nilgris Mountain Railway. Ooty, in Southern India is a location lost in time – you can feel the Raj creeping out of every wall. Unlike the bone achingly hot plains which I had left below, the climate was wet and very cold. It was my second time in India and it had captured my heart all over again.

It is a marmite place

The crowds of tourists on the train were totally Indian and as such we were a novelty. Engaged in conversation, asked to hold babies, posed for photographs and generally made a fuss of. I can still taste the home made sweets…fresh ghee, sugar, cashew and condensed milk.

We stopped at a station, I forget where. This girl was stood next to her parents and like so many children looked at me with an intensity and inquisitiveness that was both unsettling and moving. You couldn’t help but react. In my case that was to take a picture. She turned and left

In the years since I have often looked at this image and wondered who she was, where she was going having been to the temple and what she is doing now

Canon 20D, 135mm F2.0


More pictures from India to come

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  1. …that is a great image Guy, and I do remember it from the first time you shared it. Since you’re unlikely to ever know who she was, you could maybe use it to inspire you into some further creative production based upon who she may have been!

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