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I am working with Sage to produce a book in aid of Marley and Labradors in Need. The book, Woofs are Wonderful, is nearing completion but we need some quotes from owners of dogs and what they mean to them. How they have affected their lives. What they mean to the family. Why you could not get by without them.

We can’t promise that we will use all of them but the best quotes will be included in the final book.

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Sage, Marley, Aly and Guy

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9 thoughts on “Woofs Are Wonderful – Need some fabulous quotes

  1. My adult life hasn't been easy, many hard moments but through all the rough times my dogs have been my one constant and without them I'm not sure I'd still be here, I owe my beautiful girls so many thanks for keeping me smiling…in short my girls are my life.

  2. Michelle Williams

    Having Jasper in our lives 12 years ago was the best thing we ever did. He came to us at 9 weeks old, and was the sweetest, most laid back pup you could wish for. We were going through a very emotional event at the time, and he made everything seem so much better with his constantly wagging 'helicopter' tail. His unconditional love and loyalty to me and Steve kept us going through the hard times, and he got us through it. Owning a dog is one of the best things you could do. Jasper has helped to keep us fit and healthy with his regular walks and exercise routine. It was because of Jasper, we decided to get him a fur brother when he was 9, and along came Harley (more affectionately known as Taz!!). Harley is 3 now, and he was so different from Jasper, a total whirlwind, but we love him for it, and wouldn't have him any other way. Both Jasper and Harley have had their health issues, and we owe it to them to make sure we keep them fit and healthy for as long as we possibly can. Insurance is a must when you have a pet, because you never know what is around the corner, and vet bills can be extremely costly. I have met so many like minded friends because I have dogs, and the help and advice that we share is priceless. It is also down to Jasper and Harley that I now find myself one of the trustees of Labradors In Need (rescue), and have helped to re-home many Labradors and Labrador crossbreeds. If it wasn't for my beautiful boys, I would probably be a couch potato, sat festering on the sofa watching soaps every evening. I love my boys more than I can explain, and cannot imagine life without them xxxx

  3. Sarah Murphy

    What does our Beth Labrador mean to us? She came to us as a poor, terrified girl having almost certainly been locked up and mistreated so that she could be bred from. She was meant to be a foster as we still had sad hearts from having recently lost our old boy. Within 24 hours we knew she wasn't leaving. Something in her soul spoke to ours. We needed each other equally. We love her with all our hearts.

  4. Elaine Reid

    My dogs have been the most incredible 'mentors' throughout my life. As a child they taught me about compassion, respect for all living creatures and a sense of responsibility for my own actions. As I grew up they taught me about loyalty, unconditional love and mutual respect. Sadly they also taught me about loss when it was time to say goodbye. As an adult my dogs have been my inspiration and driving force both in my professional life and at home. Following a serious accident as a young adult I truly believe that it was my devotion to my dogs that gave me the determination to overcome the injuries and, against all the expectations, make a full recovery. They gave me so much, yet asked for so little in return. I can not begin to imagine a life without dogs, I feel very privileged.

  5. I have had my black labrador Ben for nine years. He is my best friend, my rock in troubled times, my comforter if I feel unwell or worried, my faithful companion in fun filled games and walks on the beach. He is always pleased to see me and I love coming home to him. He completes my life.
    I had his sister Midge too, but she died far too early aged 7. Ben and myself were bereft and when I had the chance to have 3 year old Shuna who was one of Midge's pups and needed to be rehomed I just had to go and see her. She walked into the room and I thought she was lovely. She came over to me, raised her head and I fell in love!!!. She will never take the place of Midge, but it is like having part of her again and both Ben and I adore her and she has become another faithful friend who adores us both back.

  6. JE CE

    My dogs aren't just dogs they are my best friends, always there to listen, don't talk back but when I need a hug they just seem to know! They aren't just dogs they are family! Ollie is 2 and I got him when I was feeling down with depression and anxiety and he just makes me feel better everyday, so much so I got another one called Rosie who is amazing aswell, so loving but yet protective! Love my babies so much xxx

  7. Having a dog means there is one constant in my life. There are no mood swings, no walking on egg shells and no dodging difficult subjects, he is always the same. With Flompy, there are one pair of brown eyes pleased to see me, one heart willing to receive me, and my boy trusts me to be all he needs.
    Having a dog….it is a joy….so big….my heart could burst!

  8. Gill Manton

    Quinny was our first baby before our boys, he gave us unconditional love was always there for us in good times and bad, he was a huge part of our lives he chose Daniel's name, dried our tears, shared our joys, let the boys literally climb all over him and was our dearest friend – we will never forget him and how he made our family complete.

  9. Colleen Drummond

    Owen was in this world but not of it, he was a flower bud closed tightly. When Haatchi came into his life he nurtured this special bud with the warmth and kindness of spring allowing him to blossom into a beautiful flower so that the whole world could appreciate the beauty of his heart and soul.

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