In all of my work I try to keep my use of Photoshop to a bare minimum – the maxim of getting it right in camera has been drummed into me! But my afternoon in the company of Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton has given me a rather different view. The brief was that the group would shoot two very different situations bring them into Photoshop and get busy with compositing and generally “mullering” (Glyn’s words not mine) the heck out of the images…

So before

And after

Whilst the process of teaching (which was excellent by the way) took up most of the afternoon, actually applying the skills learnt means that it actually takes relatively little time to get the images into a useable state. Once there it’s up to your creative flair and skill to take the image wherever you see fit.

It’s very refreshing to encounter someone who is obviously very accomplished at what they do and is quite happy to share the entire journey of how they get there. Photographers/ artists and the like tend to be rather guarded of a certain technique or a particular location. The trouble is the community doesn’t benefit and it stops individuals from growing or maturing. Full credit to Glyn and his partner in crime Dave (it’s him in the pictures) for being open and up front.

I can honestly say I wont look at movie posters in the same way again!

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