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Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to look through my site! I’m a husband, father, photographer and fundraiser based in the UK. At heart I am a storyteller. I failed miserably with drawing and painting. Photography on the other hand allows me to express myself in a creative way. Most of all I love watching the light and seeing shapes and form everywhere I go. Photography is without doubt my nirvana. I love taking images of everything!

I picked up the camera in earnest just over a decade ago. Interestingly I was using a Large Format technical camera and sheet film. Ever tried looking at an image upside and back to front, under a dark cloth…in a gale?! It gives you a very different perspective on creating images. Along with the uncanny ability to think upside down.

Using film as a medium, certainly one sheet at a time is in stark contrast to digital photography. Whilst not at the very forefront of the digital revolution I have been using these cameras in their DSLR format for a very long time. I have taken with me what I learnt from Large Format: wait, anticipate and take one image at a time!

Over the last decade I have photographed everything: parties from 5 to 500 people, events from 6 to 17,000 people, many many weddings of all shapes and sizes. Creating memories for dozens of families with my family portraits. Christenings, carnivals, publicity photographs, commercial product photography.

I have worked in America, Iceland, India, all over the UK and I have even photographed events as far away as the Arctic wilderness (whilst learning how to back country ski!)

Photographing weddings is something that many shy away from. I love them! They are happy occasions. Best of all they are usually day long events. It allows me to become completely immersed in what is going on. To connect with the bride and groom. Offer gentle advice or a steadying hand. Even a pair of scissors for cutting off stray threads! It’s a cliché but I do feel privileged to capture and witness such an important day. I think of my parents, who still 50 years on show their wedding album. I am able to create family history and it is humbling.

My take on family portraiture is that I absolutely get what families are like. As a father of a young daughter I completely understand what motivates children to let someone take their picture. Catching them unaware or pestering them is not how it’s done! Patience. Interest in what they are doing. Calmness. Photographing is the very last thing to do. Understanding that you will get one chance only to take an image. Oh and sitting the parents down and allowing the children to come to them!

Events are a whirlwind. Overwhelming. Constantly moving. High pressured. Often dealing with members of the public who really don’t understand why you want to take their picture. I have to cajole and persuade my way! I’m also right there at the finale of an event. Whether it’s capturing people crossing the finish line or a baby being christened – it’s always about the same thing. Knowing when to capture an image.

My work in the landscape grounds me. I have learnt so much from being outdoors. Waiting. Mostly patiently! Returning again and again to the same spot. Spending hours without exposing a single frame. Judging the light. Looking at the weather. Totally focused

In the end I don’t subscribe to sticking to one type of photography – every “type” involves the same: composition, light and timing. Put me behind a camera and I have a huge smile on my face.


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Daily Telegraph, Scotsman, The Times, Nordic Walking UK, Fuji Connect Magazine

Developing Vision and Style, Working the Light.



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