Gear, Tools and Equipment

I love to hate photographers who post on their websites: “I consider the camera just a tool” To me they are an essential part of the image making process. A well built camera makes the difficult path of making an image that works, easier. The eye of the photographer is aided with the correct tool. So as I get asked quite a bit here’s my list.


Pentax 645z with 35A, 75FA, 120A, 45-85FA, 80-160FA, 200FA, 1.4TC

Canon 5D MK III with 35 F2.0, 50 F1.4, 85 F1.8, 24-70 F2.8 II, 70-200 F4 580EX x2 + Battery Pack

Fuji XT-2 18-50mm, 55-200mm, 23mm,  35mm, 56mm

Holga 120N

Filters Lee filters – generally the hard version. Both 100mm and Seven5

Tripod Gitzo Carbon Fibre, Fiesol Travel Tripod, Ara Swiss D4, 405 and 410 Manfrotto heads – converted to take Arca Plates Various L Brackets, Acratech ball head

Bags Thinktank & FStop ….and finally my iPhone


Linhof Technikarden 45 with 90 / 150 / 210 and 300 mm lenses Canon: 1DS MKII, 5D MKII, 5D, 20D, D60, G9, G2 Fuji: XE-1