It was always going to be emotional.

Tim and Alix. From inauspicious beginnings featuring a bright pink shirt (Tim) and rather impatient at the lack of response (Alix) these two, now four have got hitched. A very conventional day for two slightly unconventional people. The family all keenly felt the presence of those who whilst physically not there, blessed the day with healthy tears and a lot of laughter

Surrounded by their loved ones the marriage took place in Alixs’ home town. The church so old and rural glowed with beauty and warmth. The bride, nervous (as she should be) anxious (which she need not be) was radiant and beautiful in a magnificent dress. The groom arrived with ceremony (one for making a statement is our Tim) and looked debonair in his tails. Ellis and Evie those buttons of mischief rose to the occasion and only drove their parents to distraction at the end of the day – which is as it should be!

Wokefield park,  was the grand setting for the reception. Speeches from brothers – different in their perspectives but both gentle, emotional and funny. Bubbling laughter. Tears of sadness and joy. Alix spoke, bravely battling her emotions; all of us were moved. Afternoon turned to evening, the throng grew in size and noise. More food. More laughter. The first dance! A D I S C O and a photobooth! I left as the dancers crowded the floor…it looked like it would be a long night for some. Which is also how it should be!

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