Chalk and Clouds – a walk along the Ridgeway

Sep 17, 2017 | Landscape | 6 comments

You can almost hear the countless footsteps


Along the Ridgeway
Fuji XT2 16-50mm F8

The previous Saturday I had walked 50km along the Thames Path. This weekend was rather more sedate with an 8 mile wander along the Ridgeway. It’s such a beautiful expanse of countryside and not something you would associate with Berkshire. Chalk uplands and breathtaking copses skirting the edges of vast open farmland. It reminded me of Tuscany. I was lucky; the rolling clouds were heavy with the threat of steady rain. Yet over the next few hours it failed to fall.

It was difficult not to frequently stop and stare. Or listen to the bushes thrumming with insects. In sheltered spots it felt close but across the fields I could feel the gentle brush of autumn. The land seemed to be catching its breath. Slowly shutting down.

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One of my cloud pics

So beautiful…(I read it as corpses first! )

Like a Victorian water colour!

Gorgeous evocative shot Guy, love it!

Thank you Carole

Lesley Crane

Wow! Beautiful Britain wherever you are. Keep walking! & taking wonderful photos!

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