Give your party a kick!

Most people aren’t really confident when they have a camera pushed into their face but…add in a few drinks, take away the photographer and take the pictures yourself….then almost anything can happen! It’s a simple exchange. You provide the gathering. The people. And a reasonable space with access to power (for large groups a 10ft by 12ft space is good) and I will provide the photobooth!

How it works

I put up a plain white background, a studio light, connect it to a camera on a tripod, connect that to a computer and a large LCD screen. Give you a remote control and you take the pictures. You can see what you have taken on the screen and all your friends can see it as well! I can bring along silly wigs and masks as well. All you need to do is join in the fun and let the photobooth do the rest. It’s a real draw at a party or wedding and can provide just that little something for your guests to do as the music starts and the drinks are consumed!

If you have hired the photobooth as part of me capturing your event then the images will be free to download for all your guests after the party. If you are hiring the booth on its own then there will be a nominal charge for images.

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