Thank you for turning a drab, miserable, cold and wet morning into one where Lili got to splash in muddy puddles and play with her Mum and Dad ~ Polla

I am a Berkshire based photographer and I have a passion for creating unique images of you and your family. I’ve been told I’m good at making both adults, children and animals relaxed in front of the camera – after all it’s not something that you do everyday!

I’m a father to a young daughter myself – so I “get” the whole child in front of camera thing! I don’t really specify what you wear other than what you feel comfortable in. And that’s the way I work: relaxed, natural photographs. As for a location, we will work on that together: indoors or out I don’t really mind.

And yes, I do shoulder lifts, airplane rides, throwing in the air, rolling down banks, hide and seek…all so you can have the images that will last you a lifetime. Though to be fair I enjoy those bits as well!

It’s all to easy to then forget how amazing and incredible it can be to see the heart of your family captured by a truly gifted photographer. As a mum of four I tend to forget in amongst all the chaos how much joy my children can bring – Guy has captured that perfectly. Far far more than a studio sitting or white box shoot ever would.


Guy has a natural gift at getting best out of everyone. …I just love these photos, natural, happy photos.. without trying. If you want a white background with loads of photoshop this is not for you. We’ve had others done… but the only ones on the wall are Guys’ … I look at them time & time again. To be honest – I wouldn’t ask anyone else… no need.


I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful photos you did of us all.We had a fantastic day. In fact we totally forgot we were on a photo shoot, as we were all having so much fun just walking through the woods.




Whilst I’m happy to construct a traditional white backdrop in your home, I’m not entirely sure that this makes for images with longevity. And I’m also not sure that it makes you comfortable! My preferred way of working is to go to somewhere that means something to you and take it from there.

The portrait session lasts as long as needed and usually happens between 8am and 6pm (for earlier or later sessions there may be an additional fee.) I’ve found that both of us normally know when enough is enough. I am happy taking photographs all day but you may find that to be a bit too much! Suffice to say there will always be enough time to get what is needed.

How many images? That’s difficult to answer. If I present you with 25-50 images I am sure you wont feel that you’ve missed out. However if I present hundreds then you’ll be totally overwhelmed. I like to take the Goldilocks approach: just right. Each session is different and that means the number of images is also different.


I am happy to travel anywhere in the UK but there may be an extra charge for journeys longer than 30 miles from Reading. There is a £50 booking fee to secure the date, with the balance being payable on the day of the session.

Depending on how far in advance you book, I am able to offer payment by monthly direct debit. I also have gift vouchers available should you wish to spread the cost amongst a family.

Sessions start at £99 and for details on my costs please use the contact form below.

Some family portrait examples

Family Photographs – West Wittering

Family Photographs – West Wittering

Rolo and Poppy with their humans in tow. Rolo so big and boisterous but ever so soft. Poppy so small and delicate too feminine to get her paws wet in the sea. From the sea shore to the dunes we paced. Chasing and loosing tennis balls.

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