Family Portraits in Swinley Forest

Ellis the Explorer. Fearless. Fast and Fun! Always running off – regardless of the cries from Mum and Dad. And with an entire forest in which to burn off all that 4 year old energy, who could blame him! A fresh April morning beckoned as we headed out for a very relaxed family portrait session. The light slanted through the trees creating a tapestry of light and shadow.

Little Evie. As cute as button with her two front teeth. So so desperate to follow The Explorer. Cries of frustration as she was put back in the buggy turned to laughter like a soft flowing stream, as the adults relented. Out she came! A few tottering steps…but I have a feeling she’ll be running after her big brother very soon.

Mum and Dad. Alix and Tim. I’m privileged to be taking the images at their wedding later in the year. For those that know why, it will be a very special and poignant day. You can see that under the pressures of raising these two loveable rascals, they are very much in love. The little glances. The touches. And it has rubbed off on their two. So happy and balanced…most of the time!

What a wonderful way to spend an hour on a Saturday morning. Thank you Alix and Tim and I will see you later in the year