A landscape photographers wet dream. The land of never ending twilight. The land of black sand and blue icebergs on the shore. The land of scudding clouds, sudden storms and light! And flies.

My time has been (well) spent on completing marathons or taking pictures of wonderful Walk the Walk fundraisers. But I have never yet had the chance to “sate” my inner landscape photographer.

So that morning, despite the blazing sun and enough flies to make a frog sick with over feeding I persisted. And persisted. And then ran inside when the flies got too much. But after a while the wind started…my fingers were crossed. And from my vantage point within the safety of Hotel Sel, I watched this enormous storm start building over Blafjall near Mývatn in Iceland…my legs were crossed by now. More from trying to calm the excitement than anything else.

“Where to find the best spot…”as a I raced around much to the amusement of the local farmer, watching me from the safety of his truck. I was going to miss it. I was bloody well going to miss it. Run, run…here no over there. How about up there on that slag heap…noooo tripod sinking into the slag, then me….

Found a spot!

Ok here…set up…calm down…lens cap off (always useful)…camera straight. Bugger only brought 2 filters with me…curse Air Iceland’s stupid hand baggage limit…hang on it’ll be enough. Take a test picture. Check the histogram. It’ll do – just. Just a couple of “blinkies” on the back of the camera. Right line up the filters.

Oh cack – the wind has stopped. On with the hat. Oh MY GOD! It was like being in something biblical. Flies, raging storms….Charlton Heston was about to appear!

Flies on the lens, on the filters, on my hands, in the view finder. Everywhere. Could they not see what was going on. I had a picture to take.

Flies were then harmed. Not that it made much difference. In fact I was then left with clearing sticky corpses from everything that didn’t need them!!

The wind returned, the flies disappeared and the image was made. Just the one mind you so I can’t really say I’m sated…I’ll have to go back. What a shame!

Canon 5D Mk2, 24-70mm @ 24mm, 3 stops ND filter, F11 1/60.

Gathering Storm over Blafjall, Myvatn, Iceland

Beautiful print available here