Latest Work

Sage Calendar Raises £2705!

I had the pleasure of working with Aly and Sage to create a calendar that involved all of Sage’s friends. £2705 was raised through people buying the calendar and the wonderful sponsors that were involved.

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In the footsteps of giants – Buachaille Etive Mor

The Buachaille is quite possibly the most photographed mountain in Scotland. Next to the A82 as you trundle through Glen Coe, your eye is constantly drawn to it. It dominates the landscape around… streams head towards it, weather floats around and over it, sunlight bounces off it.

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Frosty morning chaos

I’ve been driving past this copse for quite a while now. Sometimes twice a day. The impression of something worth photographing has been slowly tickling away at the back of my mind. Parts of the country have been bathed in snow and ice. Sadly most of it seems to have passed us by here in the South East and I have had to “content” myself with the snow filled photographs of friends.

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