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Isle of Skye | Waiting and Watching

I was there for the view east. Down over the Quiraining and Staffin. Then out over Rona and onward to the mainland. To Applecross and the start of the wilderness of Torridon. Experience tells me that there is always cloud out there.

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Robin Hoods Bay | Morning Walk

It was unexpected. No planning. It wasn’t eye wateringly early as well. All those things that the “photographers hair shirt” rule book says needs to be in place to create. I will confess that the lack of sleep was due more to a screeching cat than a night cap. Possibly.

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Whitby Pier, Why Not?

Whitby holds a special place for me. Not least because of the amazing fish and chips. I started my photographic journey here 10 years or so ago. I haven’t been back since.

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