A perfect day for portraits began with stroll amongst the softly turning autumn branches of my favourite wood with two beautiful dogs and their families. As an observer I have to say I am never sure who is actually taking who for a walk!

Sage, the Lady. Experienced, sassy and just knows how this sort of gig works. We worked together last year and I’m helping her with her calendar (you do have one right?) A delicate paw here, a sniff there (though water seems to have a dramatic effect!)

Tommy. Ah yes a mere pup. A boy – shall I go further? Into everything and every dog he can find – he doesn’t really get the whole media thing. But in the end worn out he was happy to take lessons from the elder stateswoman.

But the more times I photograph families it occurs to me that animal or human there is a unique bond. The woods echoed to the sound of laughter and chaos. Soft light after a cold morning. And a photographer run ragged trying to keep up with everyone.  And enough doggy treats to keep the 101 Dalmatians happy!

“They” say you should never work with animals or kids – I beg to disagree.

All the images can be viewed here

(I donated this portrait shoot to Walk the Walk to be used as part of a silent auction and I am delighted to say that over £500 was raised for the charity)

And then we called in on Greyfrairs Rehabilitation Centre – a place that has done so much for Sage