I am sat in my car. Being rocked from side to side by the gusts from Storm Henry. Parked in a lay-by on the A82 looking down through Glen Coe. I never tire of this view. No chance of actually getting out to photograph. Not that I am really bothered by that. Being here and observing is enough. The last 5 days have been like that. I’ve pootled my way around. A steady photographers 20-30mph. A list of places to look at. Without any particular plan of when. Excessive weather can do that. Forcing you to accept. Plans become irrelevant.

The light outside has changed again. Inky black to muted grey. Front after front rolls through. Pummelling the car with iron hard drops of rain. I’m caught between wanting to move on. Or enjoying the warmth of being inside. Window photography becomes an appealing thought.

It’s difficult though. With limited time comes pressure. This ebbs and flows, though always niggling away. So what if it’s hailing so hard that it hurts. Or that the wind is storm force. Sleet lashing down in torrents? Get out there and create. After all, you’ve only got x hours left…Then this place becomes a memory. This time out of life concluded. Back in the box until the next time.

Better get outside then

Flow, Kinlochleven

Click on image to make bigger – Kinlochleven [Pentax 645z 200mm FA]