Glen Etive


Side Light

The long winding road through the Glen

Wiggling its way towards the sea, it is a road that goes on and on. Through a gradually changing wilderness, you feel as if you are going back in time. The ever present river, the long dead pines and some of the most beautiful light you will ever witness. It is where I and many other photographers started their obsession with the landscape.



From top to tail and in amongst the deer enclosures


Winter afternoon, Glen Etive

Winter afternoon, Glen Etive

I was rushing elsewhere. Sunset was a few hours away. Normally not a problem but the road was covered in sheet ice. Driving was slow and laborious. Which is why I stopped. It was my last few hours in this magical place. I needed to stand and absorb.
Broken, Glen Etive


Snow wound its way lazily through the trees. Cold winters sun shining weekly through the soft falling white. This stand of trees moved slightly in the wind. It was going to hail. That lazy curving tree a precursor to the broken one nearby.

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