The land of the midnight sun

Iceland is endlessly evocative. The weather. The names of its mountains. An enormous country of breathtaking landscapes. Truly a photographers delight. To me it’s not the cliche images of icebergs and auras that appeal. The winding roads that circle the island. The vivid colours. The intimate slices of this beautiful land.


Lake Myvatan


Jokulsa River

Sea Fog

It’s amazing how there is always tone and texture even in something that looks just grey. I find the subtle shifts in colour and the pools of light on the sea so peaceful. The bands of light and dark just help to give some context.

1 AM, Iceland

1 AM, Iceland

I stood alone watching the dying of the light. Calling birds overhead took flight. 1 AM my watch read. The wind breathed around me: “Go home. Go to bed.” I stand there at that hour in that place to be present. I can taste the air still. Such overwhelming beauty

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