Isle of Skye

A land of weather and endless sky

I have travelled to so many places. Yet my heart remains on Skye. It is a photographers paradise. I was entranced, as corny as it sounds, by the sky. I spent hours sat on my own gazing up at it. Letting my mind wander as the clouds ebbed and flowed. Scattered light. Shafts of brilliance. It mesmerised me. I became that annoying bumbling driver that all the locals hate. Slowly chugging my way around the Isle. My mind generally far from tarmac in front and firmly over on the horizon. I tracked the sky for days. Up Up and Up went my eyes. Drifting.


I mainly base myself north of Portree. The Isle is surprisingly big. If you go be prepared for a lot of driving

Last Light

I had made my way to that photographic bastion – Elgol. As so often happens my mind was on the light and weather. I never got to the beach itself. My eyes were focused firmly on the sky in front. It was freezing. Absolutely nail bitingly cold. The sun began to set. It felt like the end of days. Heaven.

Layers of Skye

Layers of Skye

Rising for sunrise each morning does become a bit of a mixed challenge. If you are lucky you will arrive at your location and shortly afterwards you will be blessed by a dramatic dawn, bathing the landscape in light and the sky in red. The trouble is is that after a while it gets a bit cliched. So I start to look for a different perspective.

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