Fish and chips. Wide open spaces. Beginning

I started my passion for landscape photography in Yorkshire. It’s wide open expanses of moor falling away into rugged coastline. Harsh in winter but possessing some of the most beautiful landscape south of Scotland. It is only of late that I have truly begun to appreciate the quality of light you can find there. Unlike my deep appreciation of Whitby fish and chips!


Robin Hoods Bay
The Moors

Sunset, Whitby

Whitby Sunset

I sat with a few friends enjoying the first sniff of a glass of red. Convincing ourselves that going out into the dank, grey murk of a North East evening, was a waste of time. There would be no glow at the end of the day. The muse niggled at us. We talked ourselves into circles. Then headed outdoors.

Spotlights, Robin Hoods Bay

Spotlights, Robin Hoods Bay

On. Off. On. Off. The weak morning sun fought against the incoming weather. 30 minutes later and the mood had changed to a bright blue sky. Time to put my camera away and head back for breakfast

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