It is very simple.

Subscribe to my blog and you will have a chance to win a signed and mounted landscape print of your choice! I will be making the random draw every two months and will announce on my Facebook page who the winner is (of course if you win, you will also get an email!) The added bonus is that each email will contain images and short stories from my travels with my camera.

Are there any catches? None that I can think of! All I would ask is that you share this page if you think of someone else who enjoys photography and would like to subscribe.



  • I hate subscribing to websites and then being constantly emailed so my pledge to you, along with the chance to win an image, is that I will only email you a maximum of twice in any one month. Of course you can unsubscribe at any point
  • The print that you can win will be any landscape image from my shop
  • It will be 9×6 inches. With a total mounted size of approximately¬†11.75 x 8.75‚Ä≥
  • It will be signed and ready to be framed
  • There are no postage costs and I will send it anywhere in the world
  • If you have bought a print or greeting cards from me in the past or we have worked together then your email may already be subscribed