My photography is driven by the need for silence. So rare and endangered. An escape from the frenetic pace of life. A moment in time to step back and become absorbed.The act of creating is a balm to my soul.

Mentally untangling what nature presents. Working hard to flow with the rivulets of rain. Creating order out of chaotic trees. Balancing the many varied colours of green. Watching as clouds float by. Hoping for light. Wishing for weather.

The slow methodical unpacking of the camera. Selecting a lens to match the subject. Choices of technical details already subconsciously made.

Welcoming the solitude. Embracing it. Subject, light and soul combining. Committing a part of myself to the image.

Packing the bag down. Slowly. Savouring.

Driving home. Coming to the surface again. Tension returning, though softer now. Will “it” convey what I thought? Will “it” evoke something…

Often disappointment follows the first viewing. I walk away. Irritated. Sad. This is just part of the process. I know how it goes. Leave it be.

Returning days later and ever so slowly uncovering the image. Gently tuning it. Remembering the moment. Regaining the quiet. The solitude.

Spring Carpet

Spring Carpet (Pentax 645z 120mm FA)

“Solitude is a glade close-pressed by trees – great thick clouds of tress, leaf-rippled by the warm air. It is the hum of summer insects, the slow pendulum swing of a silk-held caterpillar, the beckoning of a fern frond. And a deer in the dappled green shadows, eyes half closed and jaws moving at the cud, ears turning to catch the hushed whispers of warning from the wood. True solitude is not loneliness. It is a great oneness.” – The Shining Levels John Wyatt, Norman Ackroyd

Quiet GladeQuiet Glade (Pentax 645z 35mm A)

Let me know if this resonates with you and your creative work?

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