The weather cleared after days of rain.

It was the second time for both of them, surrounded by the love of family and friends.  They are a beautiful and handsome couple who are very much in love; it was an emotional and precious day and I was honoured to be there. Weddings for those who have been there, seen it and done the “big one” are always so emotionally charged.

Somehow the second time round gives people the chance to do it in the way they want to do it.

No rules.

No formality.

Just 2 people in love.

And besides if you can end up with your feet in the pool at the end of the day….!

Here are some of my favourites

Having said an emotionally charged farewell, Zoe and Chris headed off to the Maison Talbooth – a fabulous boutique hotel…with a wonderful pool that we made use of…The light was sublime

Go Zoe – work that veil!

And here’s the pool! How often does this happen? Well never to me!

Did I mention the light…wonderful wonderful. Thanks Guys, I had a ball