Isle of Skye | Waiting and Watching

Jan 22, 2017 | Landscape | 53 comments

When the world seems overwhelming, I find solace in my photography


Golden Light, Isle of Skye
Pentax 645z FA200MM + 1.4 TC 1/25 @F11

Sunrise was calling. The inky black punctured by the light from my head torch. How many times have I walked this path? Scuttling along the worn path. Threading my way along the lower passes of Trotternish. That morning I was alone. No photographers clustered around the small infamous tree. My goal wasnโ€™t there. Crossing small streams I pushed upward seeking my spot. This was the second time that week that I had spent time waiting for dawn. I guess that it was my twentieth time, since I had started to visit Skye.

Soft Light, Isle of Skye

Soft Light, Isle of Skye
Pentax 645z FA200MM 1/250 @F8 ISO800

Soft Light, Isle of Skye #2

Soft Light #2, Isle of Skye
Pentax 645z FA200MM 1/50 @F8 ISO200

The view behind me is otherworldy. As a location for landscape photography it defies description. As a watcher, I was hoping for something as spectacular as the first from that week. A little less overwhelming would be helpful. The truth is is that it is beautiful to look at. I donโ€™t find it ticks my boxes for something to photograph.ย I was there for the view east. Down over the Quiraing and Staffin. Then out over Rona and onwards to the mainland. To Applecross and the start of the wilderness of Torridon. Experience tells me that there is always cloud out there. The rising sun filtered through. The sky turning from black to red. The shadowy landscape given outline as light bounces from the sea.

Limited by the rocky landscape around me, there are only a couple of view points east. This is helpful. Returning to this same spot time after time allows a symmetry across the images.

Once the camera is out, there is little more to do other than wait. Watch. Drink coffee from my flask. Endure the passing squalls that pass through. Be. If you are lucky, you will bare witness to a sight that is like balm to the soul. The slow unfurling of the day.