Weddings are about love.

They are about family and friends. Most of all they are about fun. Happy. Smiling faces. No more. No less. The bride and groom totally and utterly in the moment.

I have just had another look 18 months on, and re-lived our day all over again! You were fantastic throughout – from the planning stage, thinking about planned shots, all of the off the cuff shots, staying until the sky lanterns went up… You were so unobtrusive but gave us just the right amount of guidance. Thanks again Guy – they bring back such lovely memories of a fantastic day! ~ Becs

Wedding photography is about trust. We may have only met briefly but you have to trust I will capture those special moments. That amongst the stresses of the day you can rely on me. Suggestions based on photographing so many weddings. A pair of scissors for stray threads. A time check here and there. A tissue to help with running mascara. Spare umbrellas in case it rains. A ready smile. The ability to play tag with all the kids.

From the moment we asked you to do the photos of our wedding you were there to answer my endless emails, numerous questions and to give suggestions that we hadn’t even thought of. You saw and noticed so much detail that we would never have seen and there isn’t one single photograph that doesn’t totally capture the feel and emotion of our special day. Your relaxed and personal approach meant that every picture is so beautifully natural and a true reflection of our amazing day. Your pictures are perfect Guy and I cannot thank you enough for providing us with such a stunning reminder. Thank you so much.


Guy, what can we say, other than the photos look wonderful! We had a magical time, and you’ve captured some lovely moments for us. It was both a nerve wracking and exciting day for all,  you brought a sense of calm and fun to your work that ensured that we were smiling throughout,  and yet caught some of the more soulful moments too. Many, many thanks for your hard work.


Photography isn’t what it used to be. Nowadays you can buy an expensive piece of equipment and edit photos on the computer to make them look better than they are. All this goes out the window with Guy’s picture as he clearly has an amazing talent. From the time  spent discussing the day with both of us, planning where he’d be, and where he wouldn’t be, we just knew the end results would be spectacular….and so they were. A lot of wedding photographers dictate to you where the bride and groom need to be. Our wedding was slightly different with 2 children to look after and entertain. Guy worked around us to perfection whilst capturing all the shots you’d expect from a top photographer and guiding us through the day without ‘stating’ anything.




My best work comes from the relationship I form with you – the bride and groom. I take the time to meet you before a camera even appears: I want to fully understand what it is that you want from your pictures and if you are a little stuck then I have the experience to help you find your vision.

I am married myself so I know what you will be going through as you tick off that never ending list – I can help there as well and suggest things that may not have occurred to you.

My style

Some say it might be “photo journalistic” which is quite a mouthful and not very helpful. Honest and natural. Relaxed and easy. Most importantly I hope that you will smile. This is your day. You need to think about looking back in 40 years time. Elegant and simple compositions. Making use of the light and the weather. I know when to photograph and when to stand back. I am unobtrusive and gentle in my direction.

Feel uncomfortable in front of the camera? You are not the only ones! I can help with that as well. Have children to entertain? Wonderful. Children at weddings are a blessing. I love their irreverence of the whole “serious” adult occasion. Above all, I promise to capture your day in a painless and fun way.


You will not find endless complicated lists of what I charge, what I do and what I don’t. I prefer an a la carte approach. we will work together to find out exactly what you would like and I’ll quote you a price, all in, with nothing else to pay.

If you want me to travel, then I am happy to do so. I don’t subscribe to the view that you, the customer, should be charged one thing up front and then find out that there is more to pay later on down the line. If you think what I ask is a good investment for capturing your special day, then we’ll meet and have a chat; try and get to know each other better. It’s not easy to get used to having a lens in your face if you don’t trust the person behind it.

Some wedding photography examples

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10 questions

Who photographs our wedding

I work on my own as I am firm believer that this is the only way to get a single vision of the day. I have photographed weddings and events from 10 to 17,000 people. I have never been told that I did not capture the day

I want you to stay all day!

Good! My coverage is usally from the brides preparation right through until the dancing has started and beyond! I don’t have a time limit though we will usually know when enough is enough.

How many images do you take?

I guess you are asking “how many images will I receive?” I don’t have an upper limit. You will be delivered however many it takes to show your day. If I present you with 100 images I am sure you wont feel that you’ve missed out. However if I present hundreds and hundreds then you’ll be totally overwhelmed. I like to take the Goldilocks approach: just right. Each wedding is different and that means the number of images is also different. But just the right amount!

do you take "formal" photographs?

I assume that you are talking about the family images? Absolutely yes. Whilst documentary photography suits some of the day, it is not what the day is about. You need me to make a record of your family. That includes all the parents, cousins, grandparents etc

My process is: I send you a suggested list. You tick the ones you want and send it back. In our discussions we allocate a suitable moment in the proceedings. On the day I work with you or a suitable person to get everyone together. The poses are relaxed and informal.  Usually takes 20 minutes and then everyone can carry on!

colour or black and white?

I am a colour photographer. That’s how I see the world. The majority of the work that I produce is colour. Occasionally an image may suite black and white. However I am of the view that a wedding album should be one or the other. I am not totally convinced that the two work well together when printed

Why not see each other before the ceremony?

This isn’t a question. More of a suggestion. In the maelstrom of the day, I have found that some of the most natural images come when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. Unusual? Not really. Pretty much every couple I have photographed is living together before they get married.

Taking 15 minutes out to connect just before the moment when it all becomes “official” is moving, grounding and blissfully romantic.

I can chat to you more about this

What are your prices

Weddings start at £1400 and are tailored to your needs.

As standard I include a DVD of all the edited images at high resolution suitable for personal printing up to A4 in size. We all like to share, so for every wedding I will provide you with a decent number of licensed images that have been sized to play nicely with social media

How do people see the images?

I will post a selection to my website (with your approval) and provide an online gallery where your guests can view and purchase images.

How long does it take to see my images

Schedule depending up to 4 weeks. However quite often it is much much sooner!


I mean most people aren’t really confident when they have a camera pushed into their face but…add in a few drinks, take away the photographer and take the pictures yourself….then almost anything can happen! It’s a simple exchange. You provide the gathering. The people. And a reasonable space with access to power (for large groups a 10ft by 12ft space is good) and I will provide the photobooth! Find our more here Save & Exit

get in touch

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