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Sep 20, 2017 | Portraits | 5 comments

Is there anything better than a walk on the beach?


Is there anything better than a walk on the beach? No particular aim in mind. A meander. A saunter. A chance to let the mind wander. Just sea, sand and oh so beautiful light. West Wittering has all that and so much more. I came here earlier in the year and was mesmerised. To be honest at the time I was more concerned with chasing my daughter and her friend. Given the chance to work with Aly again, I suggested West Wittering. At the time I didn’t know of its personal significance to her. Now surrounded by her new family it seemed much more than coincidence.

Rolo and Poppy with their humans in tow. Rolo so big and boisterous but ever so soft. Poppy so small and delicate too feminine to get her paws wet in the sea. From the sea shore to the dunes we paced. Chasing and loosing tennis balls. Swimming in puddles left by the retreating sea. Sand in shoes and legs. Matted salt slicked fur. West Wittering captivated and cajoled. Ever so slowly we all relaxed. The soft light did its thing. The magic happened.

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We headed East from the beach. Hot and hazy were the golden fields. This location was more luck than enterprise. We pootled along chalky tracks. Humans and dogs slowly loosing energy – it was Sunday after all.  But image making luck held for a little while longer. The weather did as well. As is so often the case on bucolic summer days, rain was in the offing.

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I hope that the so very much missed Sage, was looking on and casting a kind eye on the new recruits. All 3 of them! It was a pleasure as always.

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Annemarie Casey-Cuthbert

Beautiful photos that truly reflect the warmth of a loving family and their joy at spending time together creating happy memories.

jo stevens

beautiful . natural .the love for each other just shines in each picture x

Lynne Leech

Beautiful photos and beautiful memories will have been created

Karen Careswell

Proper family portraits

Mandi Burt

Beautiful photos