Whitby Pier, Why Not?

May 24, 2016 | Landscape | 19 comments

Whitby holds a special place for me.

Whitby Pier Pentax 645z FA45-85 1/5 @F11

Whitby Pier
Pentax 645z FA45-85 1/5 @F11

I started my photographic journey here 10 years or so ago. I haven’t been back since. Something to do with revisiting “the beginning” made it uncomfortable.
Sunday and I sat with a few friends enjoying the first sniff of a glass of red. Convincing ourselves that going out into the dank, grey murk of a North East evening, was a waste of time. There would be no glow at the end of the day. The muse niggled at us. We talked ourselves into circles. Then headed outdoors.
I’m not a sunset photographer. I enjoy the viewing. Something cold in hand. Pint glass shaped. Presented with such a location as the Whitby piers such thoughts tend to recede. Along with all ideas of creating an original image. The struggle of the “artist” (ahem) to create originality has had acres of text devoted to it. As has the bleats of those who avoid cliches.

Waiting in that graveyard. Tripod placed in the holes left by others. I smiled and giggled. This was a cliché that we were all enjoying enormously.  The sun did it’s thing. Dipping below the headland and into the sea. Click click went the shutters. Magical cliché, how I adore you! Followed by the best tasting fish and chips. Ever.