[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Charlie had lost Jesus. It was almost a traumatic moment until Daniel presented me with his Star Wars Yoda advent calendar. And that’s how I met the boys.

Wellington Country Park was the setting for the battle that followed. The two bundles of boyish energy pursued by their parents. I asked if Charlie ever did anything with his tongue in. Cheeky he is named and cheeky he is. I wasn’t given an answer really as Daniel started to do it as well. Gill and Chris refrained. Or rather did they restrain themselves? Hard to tell as I was busy on wobble boards, monkey bars, spinning around and the like. Such are the things I get up to whilst working…!

Photographing families in their natural state is a wonderful thing. Mud, rain and chaos. The images are real. Just like these 4. Down to earth. Into their fitness. Passionate fundraisers. And as its that time of year, pumpkin carving just fitted the bill to conclude the morning. Charlie said his pumpkin “reminded him of his brother.” Daniel whispered to me that he was going to put his in his brothers room when he was asleep, to, “you know, scare him!” Boys eh…

Thanks all for a couple of delightful, if exhausting, autumn hours. Who says family photographs can’t be fun?!

All the images can be viewed here

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