Can you help with Woofs are Wonderful?


I am working with Sage to produce a book in aid of Marley and Labradors in Need. The book, Woofs are Wonderful, is nearing completion but we need some quotes from owners of dogs and what they mean to them. How they have affected their lives. What they mean to the family. Why you could not get by without them.

We can’t promise that we will use all of them but the best quotes will be included in the final book.

To leave a quote either fill in the form below or use the comment boxes at the end of this post

Thank you

Sage, Marley, Aly and Guy

P.S. all the wonderful pictures have been chosen

P.P.S sadly we can’t accept anymore entries

P.P.P.S yes the book is coming soon and yes it will be available to buy 🙂

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